In 2017, a new tradition was launched in the field of design in the form of the 1st National Design
Award of Latvia. 
This is a national design industry competition, whose goals are to identify, judge and promote the best
accomplishments of Latvian designers, thus facilitating the use of design created in Latvia and long-
term development and growth of the Latvian design sector.
The competitionis the biggest event of the year in Latvian design to have been recognised as an initiative
of national importance, and the award itself is the highest award in the Latvian design sector. The
competition is open to organisations and private individuals that use design as a driving force for
innovation and create products or services.
From 2021 drawing on their experience, knowledge and multi-faceted perspective, eminently-qualified
jury members from Latvia and abroad will judge the submitted works according to important criteria
corresponding to each category.