Categories of the Competition

All works submitted to the competition shall be evaluated according to the criteria corresponding to each category.

1. Environmental and Interior Design
(environmental objects, including environmental design objects; outdoor visual communication objects; environmental objects for promotions,
celebrations, public events; exposition and exhibition design; navigation design; private and public interior design; office interior design, etc.);

2. Product Design
(design of published products; design of customised products; unique design; redesign of existing products; furniture design; fashion design;
designs, etc.);

3. Graphic Design
(graphic identity design and redesign; graphic solutions for websites; publishing design (books, magazines, catalogues, corporate publications,
yearbooks, calendars, etc.); illustrations; packaging design, etc.);

4. Digital Design
(digital websites, including platforms, e-services, social networks; mobile applications; digital and mobile solutions, including 3D solutions; digital
and mobile game design, including 3D design; UI and UX solutions, etc.);

5. Service, Policy & Strategy Design
(design of social services, design of public services (state and municipalities), design of public utilities, design of state and municipality
policies, design of areas supervised by the state and municipalities, design of sectoral strategies, design of strategies of private companies, etc.).
According to the decision of the jury, the jury has a right to award an award for special achievements in the following categories:

1. Design for Society (a design with social impact).
2. Design Newcomer (excellent performance by young designers).
3. Outstanding Craftsmanship (a design work created in collaboration with artisans).
4. Other nomination: according to the jury’s evaluation.

Criteria for Assessment of the Works
The jury shall evaluate the submitted design works according to the following
impact criteria:

1. Economic impact.
2. Innovation value.
3. Contextual relevance.
4. Design quality.