Ilona Platonova

Ilona Platonova, BA School of Business and Finance, doctoral student

Ilona Platonova has more than 20 years of experience in both the private and public sectors in various fields. Most of her work projects have been related to innovation. In her work at the European Integration Office, she participated in the EU accession negotiations process, which was a unique project for Latvia. In 2005-2006, she participated in the development of the Arena Riga business model, which did not have an equivalent experience in Latvia. In the private sector, she has worked to innovate in companies, using examples from other countries and industries.
Ilona has worked in sales and small business management for five years. She has a wealth of experience gained in introducing new products to the Latvian market, which has often required several years of persistent work. Advised companies in Vidzeme for several years as an innovation broker. Ilona’s previous jobs in the public sector have been both the Office for European Integration and she has been an adviser in the Office of the Minister for Economic Affairs, as well as having been the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Economics. Currently, Ilona is a doctoral student at BA School of Business and Finance and an employee of the Riga City Council. Her education is a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in economics. She is interested in business development and has started doctoral studies at BA School of Business and Finance on the application of design thinking and measuring the impact on the development of business models in the circular economy.