Māris Galenieks: Design is…

The Midsummer Festival has ended, bringing us a lot of sunlight, energy and creativity!
And the stories of the National Design Award of Latvia “Design is …” continue!
Conversations with the nominees of the previous years are continuing, thus providing creative inspiration to all those who plan to submit their work to the 2021 NDAL competition starting from the end of this year.

Design is … continuing the cycle of conversations with a very summery story.

National Design Award of Latvia Conversation #18
Māris Galenieks. Design for life in water.

Team: Māris Galenieks (design, product development), Artis Strazdiņš (technical design and construction).

GG SUP 12.6 Race is a wooden SUP board with a unique shape design and construction. The thoughtful shape of the board ensures perfect dynamic stability. The board-shape’s construction makes it easy to overcome waves and drain water from the deck. The board’s deck, on the other hand, is designed so that the paddlers can most efficiently direct energy into the board momentum. A special challenge was to create SUP boards from natural materials (abachi, birch and mahogany) while maintaining its durability and lightness. GG SUP 12.6 Race board enters the SUP premium product market and supports the development of SUP sports. With the 12.6 Race board, a representative of the Latvian national team successfully participated in the 2017 PC SUP rowing.

The conversation is hosted by Toms Grēviņš.

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