Miķelis Baštiks and Miks Pētersons

Design is … professional and high quality
Episode #14
the conversation will take place at
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Miķelis Bastiks and Miks Pētersons

The National Design Award of Latvia continues the Instagram LIVE conversations and already in episode #14 the conversation will try to find out what, after all, is professional and high-quality design.

Guest of the National Design Award of Latvia – Miks Pētersons.
Miks Pētersons graduated from Riga Secondary School of Design and Art with the specialty – wood design.
However, design education alone is often not enough to run a successful design business. That’s why Miks has a master’s degree in international business and export management.
In Latvia and also in the world, the design company NORDI furniture is well known for its TiME furniture series and KiDSON children’s furniture series.
The latest design product is a balance board, which even managed to get to the NYNow design exhibition in the USA before the crisis.
Nordi Furniture adheres to three values ​​in its operations: Creativity – Honesty – Satisfaction.
Miks Pētersons has been a member of the Latvian Designers’ Society (LDS) since 2008, deputy chairman of the board of LDS from 2014 to 2018, chairman of the board of LDS from 2018 to 2020 and from 2020 – a member of the Expert Council of the Latvian Designers’ Society.

This time the conversation will focus on product design, professionalism and quality, and how to develop your brand.

The moderator of this conversation will be Miķelis Baštiks – graphic designer, businessman, co-founder of the design studio Asketic Studio, nominee for the National Design Award of Latvia and winner of this year’s Adward award in the ADWARDS MMXX PrintArt & Design Craft nomination.