Peteris Bajars

Pēteris Bajārs (Latvia)

Head of OUTOFBOX Architects.
An adventurer with an observer’s spirit.
Pēteris has said of himself: I am probably annoyed by this – no one notices that many good things can be achieved in very small steps.
The leading architect of the studio OUTOFBOX Pēteris Bajārs strongly advocates the qualities of the city’s outdoor space.
OUTOFBOX has successfully proven itself in two large-scale competitions – the Riga International Bus Station building reconstruction design competition and winning first place in the Rail Baltica Riga station design competition.
In 2017, Studio OUTOFBOX participated in the National Design Award of Latvia competition and entered among the top 20 with an interior for a private house in Cēsis (received the special award of the magazine “Deko”). In 2019, the prefabricated building “Type A”, which takes only one day to install, enters the list of the best.
The architectural firm has also participated in international competitions.