Pieter Cool

A small recap of 2018. Interview with Pieter Kool, creative director and design strategist, member of the 2018 NDAL jury.
What do you think is good design?
If your first reaction when encountering design is, “Where was it before?!”, then it’s a good design. Furthermore, and this is probably the influence of Dieter Ram, I personally find the idea of ​​’less is more’ attractive. The fact that you are able to convey a very strong message with minimal resources.
I also appreciate the contrasts in design, because when you put opposite elements together, they start a dialogue with each other. It’s very simple, and this effect can be achieved in a variety of ways – by playing with dimensions, colors, textures. If done consciously and wisely, it always makes the design better.
Sometimes humor is also important, although it is one of the most difficult things, and I am not very good at it myself. But humor just makes people happy, it’s important!
However, in my opinion, an important role of design is to not only make life more comfortable, but also more real. To make people aware of what’s going on in the world. Given Latvia’s political situation, I had expected more politically motivated civic activism designs to be submitted to the competition.

Interview author: Veronika Viļuma
The full interview can be read at www.dizainabalva.lv

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