2021, May 26, LIVE

10:00Conference opening – Speech by President Egils Levits to the conference participants.Egils Levits
10:05Design thinking: RESEARCH – I broaden my perspective on the problem to test and challenge my assumptions about why a solution is needed.Kārlis Jonāss, design thinker
10:10Why to use good design, why its matter?Patrick Abbattista, DesignWanted, Manager, Marketing Specialist
10:20What can you expect from worikng with designers? Where to start?Čārlzs Bušmanis, Design Elevator, manager, designer
10:30Riga X Niklāvs Paegle, architecture studio Ether, architect
10:40Visual communication in the mediaNatālija Šindikova, Delfi, creative director
10:50IDEAS and experiments in the world of start-upsZane Bojāre, Startup Wise Guys Marketing Manager, Lude Co-Founder, Riga TechGirls Co-Creator
11:00Research based on successful designEva Abdulina, Overpriced – Brand Design Studio, designer
11:10Design thinking: CHALLENGE – I define the problem to be solved in order to orient my focus on what needs a solution and what it is intended to achieve.Kārlis Jonāss, design thinker
11:20New World Mapping. Trends.Imants Losāns, Accenture Latvia, leading designer
11:30The dilemmas of the real and apparent society of the futureRoberts Ķīlis, anthropologist
11:40City and society.Oto Ozols, Pilsēta cilvēkiem, architect, urban planning specialist
11:50First things first – designers in the service of citizensPiotr Swiatek, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Design Management Specialist
12:00Experiment “Metropolis 3.0” – Tet transition to a hybrid work modelJeļena Solovjova, tet, UX – user experience designer
12:10Where should I go? Navigation.Guna Akona, interior architect, Wing Space creative director
12:20Universal design “bottle neck”Raimonds Seņko, publicist
12:50Design thinking: IDEA – I allow my thoughts to fly freely to gather a wide range of ideas that could provide an unprecedented solution to a defined problem.Kārlis Jonāss, design thinker
12:55Design and politics: our path to co-creationInita Pauloviča, State Chancellery, Deputy Director on public administration
13:05Circular Economics and Collaboration in Business Model DesignIlona Platonova, doctoral student, BA School of Business and Finance
13:15Crisis encourages creativityMārcis Ziemiņš, Spraybox, designer
13:25From hobby to growing businessToms Lange
co-founder of WUF kids baby clothes and accessories manufacturing company. children’s concept store co-founder and head of trades.
13:45Design thinking: PROTOTYPE – I implement a number of ideas in a simplified format in order to be able to communicate and present the solution to the parties involved.Kārlis Jonāss, design thinker
13:50Digital accessibilityPēteris Jurčenko, UX Designer, Accessibility Specialist
14:00Prototype – opportunities and challengesToms Mūrnieks – product designer and innovative product development coordinator, RTU Design Factory
14:10From prototype to productionAleksandrs Roga and Liene Roga, SIA Babbit founders
14:20Development of an innovative productAndis Blinds, BLINDSAVE founder
14:30Design Thinking in the everyday of Printful design tool developmentAgnese Bite, Printful, Chief Designer
14:40How to prototype information?Martin Foessleitner, head of the studio, information design specialist
15:10Design thinking: TEST – I check the implemented ideas with the stakeholders to see if they could be a solution to the problem.Kārlis Jonāss, design thinker
15:15Ready for export?Kaspars Abiks, LIAA, Head of Foreign Trade Promotion department’s Export Promotion division
15:25An idea test among peersEdgars Ernstsons, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Head of Member Relations
15:35Digital television Tet+, in the main role – the userInta Bušinska, tet, UX – user experience designer
15:45Service design for young patients or children for childrenIlze Kundziņa, designer, strategic design thinker and trainer, gambling service design enthusiast, head of the Art Academy of Latvia international study program in Service Design
15:55Experience and challenges of the testing phase in a medtech start-upLīga Svempe, SIA Vigo Health, product manager
16:05We test balanceMiks Pētersons, Nordi Furniture, businessman, designer
16:15Design that builds bridges between industries and professionsLīga Lētiņa, researcher and user experience / service designer, Manager of the new initiative in the insurance company “If P&C insurance”
16:25Discussion. Society of the future.and design.Dzintra Purviņa, Roberts Ķīlis, Evelīna Ozola, Līga Lētiņa
16:50Closing of the conference