Rikardo Kapuco

Riccardo Capuzzo (Italy)

Riccardo has studied in Milan at Scuola Politecnica di Milano spd.
After graduating, he chose to work as a freelancer, so he had the opportunity to work for
several years in Chicago as a web and visual designer, as well as in Istanbul as a
graphic designer.
Riccardo is founder of the platform design42day, an online magazine about design.
Meanwhile, he has been 4 times a jury member of the RedDot Design Award in the
communication and visual category. Additionally, he started to work as a design expert for a big
German company specialized in customized wall decor.
In the last year (2020), he has launched his own brand  “Aquatic creatures”  which has been by
now quite successful and got the coverage of the most prestigious media, starting from Vogue,
AD, Elle decor, etc.
So after all his experience in the field of design, he has decided to put all his knowledge in one
project which includes communication, products, web, e-commerce, logistic, events, public
relations etc.