Sindija Mačtama: Design is…

Design is … on request. Design on Demand!
Episode #16
the conversation will take place on 16.06.2020. at 14:00 INSTAGRAM live
and Facebook LIVE, as well as Zoom:
Mikelis Bastiks and Sindija Mactama

Sindija runs a rather unusual team / service – they are a part of the company Printful, which deals with Print on Demand. Most customers come with their own print files, however, if you need help with them or do not have a design, then we offer to create them. Therefore, we work with clients from all over the world and the works are also very different.

– how is it for a designer to work with a client remotely, why is it gradually becoming the norm;
– cultural differences – how Latvians see design, how Americans see design, how communication with a designer differs for both;
– In the field of DIY design – more and more amateurs are starting to make designs themselves and a specialist is needed only for a consultation;
– Design and Print on Demand – –what it takes to just create a design and not to supervise the printing process itself?

Find out this and much more in the conversation of Miķelis Baštiks with Sindija Mačtama in the last LIVE conversation of the spring season of the design cycle “Design is …”.

Miķelis Baštiks – a talented graphic designer, businessman, co-founder of the design studio Asketic Studio, nominee for the National Design Award of Latvia and winner of this year’s Adward award in the ADWARDS MMXX PrintArt & Design Craft nomination.
Also follow the Asketic Podcast talks about design in Latvia:

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