Webinar: How to work with design?

27 May

Is Latvia’s economic prosperity now in the hands of designers? Does salvation of companies affected by the crisis depend on how well our entrepreneurs are aware of design and knowledge of how to use it?

We will talk about this and possible government support in the Webinar / Zoom on 28 May at 13:00. https://zoom.us/j/99527407878 or https://www.facebook.com/dizainagadabalva/

Did you know that the Design Index (MDS) study published in 2019, which observed 300 public companies for five years, shows interesting results – the revenue of companies that have incorporated the use of design at all levels, including strategic design, are on average almost by 50% higher than similar companies that didn’t!

Design is an organic part of the economy and its skilful application undoubtedly contributes to the economic growth. Design is the element that makes everything better, more pleasant, more beautiful, more rational and therefore more efficient. Crises are mobilizing and tense. They highlight weaknesses and lead to a restructuring of resources. They allow you to create a new system design, rearrange everything, clean it up and start something new. But that’s why you need to know how design works.

Prepare and submit questions https://forms.gle/kAuyCHF2mdSCbZsW6 by May 27 (inclusive), join the webinar on 28 May at 13:00 and see your options. Learn more and use. Those who know more have more opportunities and more freedom.

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How to work with design?
Webinar / zoom
28.05.2020. at 13:00.
Link to Webinar: https://zoom.us/j/99527407878
Facebook LIVE stream: https://www.facebook.com/dizainagadabalva/
More information on the National Design Award of Latvia’s Facebook account and https://www.facebook.com/events/277695746739081/

The webinar takes place within the framework of the National Design Award of Latvia project in the series of educational events “Design is… adapts to new conditions.”

The webinar is hosted by Miķelis Baštiks, graphic designer, entrepreneur, co-founder of the design studio Asketic Studio, nominee for the National Design Award of Latvia and winner of this year’s Adward award in the ADWARDS MMXX PrintArt & Design Craft nomination.

/ Information about participants /

Agnese Meņģele, Latvian Investment and Development Agency – head of the Innovative Business Development Department of LIAA

Dita Danosa, chairwoman of the board of the Latvian Design Centre, long-term head of the Latvian Design Council, expert in creative industries and strategic management.

Ilona Platonova, international innovation broker whose direct work is related to innovations and novelties, product introduction in the Latvian market. She is currently working on a doctoral thesis, researching design thinking and its impact.

Miks Pētersons, an experienced businessman, designer and owner of the design furniture company NORDI furniture, as well as a member of the Latvian Designers’ Society Expert Council.

Laura Bērziņa, the founder of the Baltic Design Stories Association, currently works for the European Commission in Brussels. Her experience is related to the representation and popularization of Latvian and Baltic design in Belgium.