Martin Foessleitner

Žūrijas komandas vadītāja Martina Fosleitnera (Martin Foessleitner) runa Latvijas Dizaina gada balvas konkursa apbalvošanas ceremonijā (angļu valodā)

In the name of my distinguished  jury colleagues Anete ŽukovaEgle OpeikienePatrick AbbattistaRiccardo CapuzzoPēteris BajārsBar Davidovichi and Piotr Swiatek

it is my pleasure and honour to address some words to the general public, the design community, the organizers and enablers as well all submitters to the Latvian Design Awards 2021. 

Our compliments to the state of Latvia, the ministry and its representatives running a design competition, putting so much engagement in it and herewith confirming the importance and relevance of design by offering a fantastic stage of visibility and discourse. Then we would like to thank Barbara, Raimonds and so many more invisible, passionate helping hands and heads backstage, organizing the award in a smart, smooth and charming way.

For the Jury process, which was very intense, with deep discussions, based on respect of the expertise and experience of all jury members, it was nice to observe that despite the various backgrounds and very different opinions, we agreed so easily on our common decisions. Thank you all.

It is important to remember, that a jury does not judge, but reflect on the submitted works. Due to Covid-19 the jury process was held online, which causes a different framing, approach, and makes it impossible to experience physical artefacts. That is the reason why we have no Gold-Award in the product category but 4 special recognitions this year. In the other categories, we are happy to present 4 Gold awards and 3 special recognitions. An award is an excellent showcase of contemporary design, its fields of application and implementation as well its media, crafts, esprit and Zeitgeist. A new attitude of designers is in place for the wellbeing of our community.

Please allow me a very personal note:First  to express our respect and appreciation to all submitters and there projects together with our apologies if we have something overseen or misunderstood. It is the collective effort for good design in Latvia which makes the value of this award. Second, a special message to the 30 nominees: The quality and value of your projects is a benchmark for all of us, they represent the beauty and capacity of design, regardless of Gold and other recognition.

Finally the 11 awarded projects, they impressed the jury by their mix to correspond to all given criteria, they are outstanding in many ways, unique in themselves, giving a promise and – even more important – confidence for the future!

May I close with a wish to the design community: Please be interested in the work of your colleagues, share experiences, give each other assistance and combine your talents and forces for the good life. 

And maybe motivate your non-participating design-mates to join the Awards next year.

Liels paldies!