Adaptation and reconstruction project of the Valmiera Theatre's temporary industrial heritage space "Kurtuve"

Author Ilze Liepiņa, Reinis Liepiņš, Dāvis Jansons, Renāte Karjavčenko, “Sudraba Arhitektūra”
Contractor: Valmiera Municipality / Valmiera Theatre
Date created: 2022 October - December

Brief description of the project

Valmiera's former boiler house, built in the 1970s and located in the very centre of Valmiera, was transformed into temporary premises for the Valmiera Theatre at the end of 2022. The idea to move to this building was presented by the theatre to the Valmiera Municipality on 1st of October, and the first performance in the new premises took place on 21 December. Within two months, with the support of the municipality and funding from the Ministry of Culture, a project was drawn up and the reconstruction carried out, creating a theatre hall and auxiliary rooms, while preserving the industrial character of the building. The new stage has windows in the background to complement the scenography, looking out onto the evening landscape of Riga Street. Adapting industrial heritage to a cultural building. Transformation of a disused industrial building into a new aesthetic quality cultural venue accessible to the public.