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The submission of works to the NDAL 2024

The submission of works to the NDAL 2024 takes place in the following periods: 

  • Autumn submission — 01.10.2023 — 31.10.2023
  • ziemas pieteikšanās — 02.01.2024 — 29.02.2024

Works created since January 2021 can be submitted for the award.

A work can be submitted to the competition, if it has been realized in Latvia (regardless of the author's nationality) or it has been realized elsewhere in the world, if the author's country of origin is Latvia. 

A work can be submitted by its author, or another person related to the work, such as its owner or contractor.

Work can be submitted by an individual or a legal entity, including state administrative institutions, municipalities, educational institutions, enterprises, organizations, etc.

Each participant of the NDAL can submit an unlimited number of works in any category.
Works whose authors or clients are included in the List of International Sanctions and National Sanctions of the Republic of Latvia may not be submitted to the NDAL. sarakstā

Entries are submitted by filling out the application form below. All information in the application form must be indicated in Latvian. 

After submitting the application, a confirmation of receipt of the application will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the application.

After submitting the application, its content cannot be changed.

The nominees that the selection jury will forward for further evaluation in the second round of the NDAL will be published in the "Winners" section.

For participation in the second round of the National Design Award, a participation fee of EUR 90 (ninety euros) has been set, which the participant must pay within 30 calendar days after he is published as a Nominee on the website

In the second round, the Final Jury will evaluate the Nominees and nominate the Finalists. The final jury will decide on the winner of each category and the winner of the LDGB Grand prix. Grand prix ieguvēju.

The winners of the National Design Award of Latvia will be publicly announced at the LDGB awards ceremony and later published on the website


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